Large Dog Crates


When a regular sized dog crate just wont do – you need a large dog crate. Puppies grow quickly and can outgrow their small dog crate within 6 months. And if they are not crate trained by then you will need a larger crate to continuing their training.

Pet crates come in a variety of styles to meet a variety of functional needs. Below is an examination of the purposes for some of the most common types of pet crates.

Solid Plastic
Solid plastic pet crates are used when secure air travel or other secure travel is required. In case of accident or heavy energy jolts these crates will protect the animals. However, these solid plastic pet crates are not suitable for all types of use because they take up a lot of space when stored.

Aluminum dog crates are used when something sturdy that will resist water damage is required. They are most often found in kennels and veterinary hospitals. They are also suitable for car travel and home housing. They also allow good sight lines, ventilation, and style. They are lightweight when no pet is inside. Many of them can fold up for convenient storage.

Wire dog pet crates are great when you need something that is easily stored for use when transporting a pet. Pets enjoy them because they can see and smell everything around them. Pads should be used to make the bottom of the crate more comfortable. They are typically used for short car trips or at kennels. They are becoming popular for show dogs so that when the dogs are crated they can be easily displayed.

Soft Material
Soft material pet crates are easily folded up for storage and transportation. They are only suitable for use with crate trained animals that won’t try to chew on them. They are used merely as housing for your pet, not for transportation.

Dog Tents
Dog tents are a variation of soft material pet crates. The main difference being that they are even more easily folded. They usually have their own little carrying case like your pillow has a pillowcase. They are great for home use and for housing your animal at destinations as you travel. They give your pet an increased sense of security because wherever your pet goes with you its tent goes too.